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Niall’s face when Zayn hits his high note. x

Louis & Niall @ Camp Nou, 8th July 2014x

Louis & Niall @ Camp Nou, 8th July 2014


this is still the best joke niall has ever told



Can someone call Zayn and let him know he’s in One Direction.


Dear Harry,

truth be told: I’m a fan. So it’s basically my ‘job’ to tell you that I love and appreciate you. And yes, I love your music, your voice, your passion, your bright personality, your fashion sense and your kind heart. But I would hope to think that me being a fan doesn’t diminish what I see in you as a person.

I wish there was a safe place where people’s perception of you wouldn’t be manipulated by the media or anyone really that is starving to put you in a bad light. Being in the industry that you are, it’s just one of the sacrifices you have to make, some might say. It doesn’t make it any less unfair though because all I personally see when I read fan reports, watch videos, read your tweets and listen to radio interviews, is that the world isn’t treating you for the human being that you are.

You always make sure to show the fans appreciation even though you are under a lot of pressure and basically work 24/7. You are so aware of people’s perception of you and my heart makes a huge leap when I read about non-fan encounters whose (media-orchestrated) opinion about you is disproved after meeting you in person. You truly live up to your motto “Be nice” which I can imagine is a hardship from time to time when things just get too much.

Being nice unfortunately may not make all people respect you in this sensationalist world (and that just shows how cruel it can be) but it only makes my respect for you grow every minute you prefer and stick to sharing love and kindness every single day. But I also want you to know that if the day comes that you reach your limit, the  love you’ve spread so far and the love you will continue to spread is not lost or worth any less. You set the bars high and I unfortunately don’t think that the world could ever ‘repay’ you, so just know that you of all people don’t owe the world a single thing.

In deep respect,



This is very important.


This is very important.

Liam with a fan’s camera. xx

harry ‘i’m trying really hard not to yawn’ styles +/+